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Mold Removal in Kansas City: Protecting Your Belongings

After this unprecedented quarantine, we are all dreaming of our next vacation. Whether you love a lazy day at the beach, a leisurely stroll window shopping or an adrenaline fueled skydiving adventure, the whole world is waiting for your visit. When you do get the opportunity to pack your bags for your next trip, check […]

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Dealing With Water Damage Restoration In Kansas City

One of the worst things about water damage is that it’s mostly preventable. A little bit of precaution can save us so much hassle, and, yet, it is hard to be prepared because we never know where or when water might strike and there are so many areas to be concerned about, even within average […]

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Properties Of Water – Why You Need Emergency Water Removal Now

Water is a crucial aspect of our lives. Because it is so crucial and relevant, it’s important to understand some simple properties of water. Why? Because the extensive use of water inside our homes can sometimes lead to water damage. Understanding how water damage happens can help you prepare for it and handle it the […]

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Water Damage Cleaning Steps

When dealing with serious water damage, cleaning up should always be left to the professionals. The most expensive mistake you can make is delaying that phone call for help–time is of the essence if you want to help keep your total costs down. Therefore, it’s recommended that you follow these steps before they arrive to […]

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Water Damage Cleaning And Detection

There are two ways to deal with water damage — you can either be proactive or reactive. The proactive approach involves taking steps ahead of time to make sure that your home is a decreased risk of water damage. This means taking immediate action if you notice wet spots in your home or detect a […]

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Avoiding And Recovering From Water Damage

Of all the barriers and protections that you have from the weather, your roof is the most forgotten. You seldom notice it but expect it to shield you and your belongings from rain, snow and storms. However, it is a vulnerable element that can fail and allow water damage to develop in your Grain Valley […]

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The Best Equipment For Water Damage Cleanup In Blue Springs

When your Blue Springs home suffers water damage, sopping up the water with an old beach towel or mop will make you crazy, and also waste valuable time. Commonly used home materials like wood and sheetrock absorb water and will require proper drying to prevent water damage and mold growth. Professional water damage restoration experts […]

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Water Damage Debris

Unwanted water in your home has left a lot of damage in its wake.  As you begin to clean up from water damage, the source of the water will determine what can and cannot be salvaged. A broken pipe that spews clean water is much different than a backed-up sewer pipe that floods the basement […]

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Grease Fire

Every year, about $463 million dollars are spent on fire damage recovery from household kitchen fires. About 1 in 5 cooking fires are caused by grease. Although most people know how to put out a grease fire, that knowledge is forgotten when actually responding to a fire outbreak. In emergencies, our brain goes to “recall” […]

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Knowing The Dangers Of Smoke And Soot

Fire damage can continue to have its effect on you and your Lees Summit home long after the flames have been put out. Smoke and soot residue left over after a fire may seem like something you can clean yourself, but before you try to tackle any DIY fire damage restoration, we at Kade Cleaning […]

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