Blues Springs Water Damage Cleanup For Hardwood Floors

water damage cleanup blue springsThe hardwood floors in your Blue Springs home can experience water damage from a number of different sources, like leaky appliances, broken pipes, or even natural disasters like floods. Hardwood floor water damage is complicated and frustrating for homeowners – but Kade Cleaning Systems can help stop the damage before it starts if homeowners take action immediately. 

Wood Floor Water Damage Cleanup In Blue Springs

While every water damage situation is different, every water disaster requires an immediate response to stop the damage from spreading. A quick response to a professional water damage cleanup team like Kade Cleaning Systems will allow the water to be removed and dried before damage has time to set in. Hardwood is the flooring most susceptible to water damage – so taking action immediately can make the difference between cleaning up the mess and fully replacing your hardwood floors.  

What happens next?

After you reach out to a water damage cleanup crew, the damage needs to be assessed. The experts need to see if the damage is minor and just cosmetic or if it is big enough to require major reconstruction. That will all be determined by how much water is present, how long it’s been sitting and the type of water that is causing the issue.

Water damage that has been caught quickly and is not fully covering the floors could be an easy and straightforward cleanup, but if deterioration has begun or mold has grown, it becomes a more intensive project. If you notice your floors are buckling, crowning, or warping, the damage is probably pretty severe and will require extensive water damage cleanup and repairs, possibly replacement. Discoloration may be minor cosmetic damage, but should still be inspected to make sure the water has been completely dried and there is no mold growth. Regardless of the extent, water damage needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

During the assessment, professionals will check to see if there is damage to the subfloor. The subfloor is the wooden or concrete support system beneath your flooring that is the support for your floors. If water has seeped through to your subfloors, you will notice swelling, lifting, or soft spots in the flooring.

In cases where the subfloor has sustained water damage, the best option is to remove the flooring and have it replaced. This will also prevent mold from growing and becoming a problem.

Water Damage Professionals in Blue Springs – Call Us Today!

If you suspect that your floors have suffered water damage but aren’t sure of the extent, call the water damage cleanup experts at Kade Cleaning Systems. We are able to identify water damage severity, get the water cleaned up, and make any necessary repairs, saving you the hassle and stress of dealing with it on your own. Even if it seems like your floors are a total loss after water damage, our water damage cleanup techniques and methods may be able to reverse the damage and save your flooring. If not, we will be able to repair and replace it, getting it back to normal in no time. Regardless of the size, scope or source of your water damage, our water damage cleanup experts are ready and able to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. 

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