Contents Cleaning

We know that when your home or commercial building become damaged in times of disasters, your belongings are also damaged and require special care. Many items can be fully restored after being affected by water, smoke, or mold, and at Kade Cleaning Systems we offer comprehensive contents cleaning services including packout, cleaning, and storage of your items.

We are fully equipped to handle all of your contents cleaning and restoration needs. We utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results, and have a secure, state-of-the-art contents cleaning facility. We can restore your contents today!

Full Service Contents Cleaning

We offer comprehensive contents pack out, cleaning, and storage services. We pack, move, protect, clean, store and return your belongings after disaster strikes. Our well-trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once we arrive, our experts pack and itemize your belongings with great respect and special care.

Whether it’s small family heirlooms or large household furnishings, we use industry-approved packing materials and boxes for safe transport and storage of items. We transport everything to our secure, climate-controlled facility. All contents are photographed and documented to ensure nothing is lost and your items are returned to you safely.

Contents Cleaning and Storage

Our certified technicians use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean, dry, restore, and deodorize your items to prepare them for storage. We do everything in our power to restore your items to their pre-damaged condition. Your contents are then stored in our private and secure location until your home or business is restored or you’ve found alternative housing.

When you are ready to have your items returned, we will deliver your contents to you. We will assist in putting everything back in its place as well. Our experienced team can help you as much as you need. Rely on Kade Cleaning Systems to carefully handle your contents by packing out, cleaning, storing, and returning your belongings.

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