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Your Top Emergency Water Cleanup Restoration Company

One of the most devastating forms of damage that you can experience at your place of business is water damage. This can be the result of a broken water pipe, or it might be due to natural causes. Heavy flooding, caused by severe weather, can be extremely devastating, not only bringing in water but a substantial amount of silt from rivers and other forms of debris. The cost of the damage will likely be in the thousands of dollars, just to get things back to normal. That does not count the amount of money you may have to spend on the removal of mold later on if not remediated correctly.

To properly restore your business, you need a commercial emergency water cleanup and restoration company.  A business that has worked with other businesses over the years, that can ensure all of the damage that was caused is properly resolved. Kade Cleaning Systems is here to help.  We are a top rated commercial water damage company and have remediated thousands of properties.  Our team of expertsare ready to take on your water damaged business and get you up and running quickly!

An Overview Of What Water Damage Can Do To Your Business

Water damage can cause a substantial amount of problems for your business, sometimes within minutes. When the water comes in, it will spread contamination, at a very rapid speed. The furnishings in your office will be the first to be saturated, along with your carpet and flooring. It can cause stains, and lead to the development of dry rot, mold, and will likely require you to replace all of the items that have been inundated. In most cases, this will only affect the first level of your office building, yet flooding can also occur in the upper levels. If this is the result of a leak from your roof or a broken water main that ruptures several stories up, this can lead to an incredible amount of damage.

Why You Will Need A Professional To Help You

The main reason for calling Kade Cleaning Systems is that we know exactly what to do to stop the flooding and to minimize the damage. If this is the result of a pipe rupturing, we can turn off the water main, preventing any additional water from flowing out. We will begin the water extraction process from your basement and floors, or any lower areas in your building.  After all water has been extracted, we will begin to remove everything that has been saturated which includes baseboards, flooring, drywall, and furniture.  Once all damaged materials are removed, we start the drying process.

We use Industrial grade drying equipment to begin the drying process, treat walls and cabinets, and take steps to stop mold from growing.  This process itself can take several days, and once everything has been dried out properly, we will assess the total damage done and begin to make repairs.    Once your belongings are removed, we will begin to assess how much water has saturated your floors. We will look at your walls, electrical sockets, and your basement area if you have one. Once we have assessed the damage, we will start the repairs.

Types Of Repairs We Make for Water Damage Cleanup

Repairs will be needed to restore your business to its previous state.  If needed we will replace floors and or walls that were saturated by the water. If you have hardwood floors, all of this will be removed, and we will check the structure beneath your floors to make sure that the water has been completely dried out. The walls will likely need to be removed and redone. This will include removing and replacing some or all of the existing sheet rock, all the while looking for saturation into the structure of your building. Once that is done, we will ensure that mold has not started to develop, or any type of dry rot.  We use professional testing tools and our expert experience in dealing with this type of damage.

How To Find The Right Emergency Water Damage Company For The Job

The best commercial water damage company for the job is one that has been providing these services for years. With that said, Kade Cleaning Systems is the right choice.  We have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses and we want to help you too!  If you are insured, which most businesses are, we are happy to work with your insurance company directly to relieve the stress of the situation.  It is important that you contact us right away so that we can stop further damage from occurring.  Our emergency water damage cleanup and restoration team is on standby 24 hours a day to help you with your water damage disaster.  Our business is top rated and we welcome you to check out reviews of our company.

How Long Will It Take To Perform Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration?

Depending upon the amount of damage that was done, it could take several days for us to dry everything out. From that point forward, we will create an estimate of the repairs that need to be done. The repairs themselves could take several weeks. During that time, you may have to relocate to another place of business, or simply move upstairs if you have available rooms in your building. Kade Cleaning Systems is sensitive to your business needs.  Our team of professionals will have you back in you office as quickly as possible, generally this will take a few weeks.

Although dealing with water damage is stressful and can be problematic to your business, when you use Kade Cleaning to help you, it will make this experience much less difficult. We know how to stop the water from flowing if it is not a natural disaster, and then we can start the restoration process. It is so important to work with an experienced emergency water cleanup and restoration company.  With Kade you get experience, professionalism, and a company that cares about you.  Contact us right away so that we can minimize the potential damage that can occur as a result of flooding. Add us to your Contacts list!  We want you to be prepared just in case you need to call us in the near future!

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