What Should I Do During A Water Damage Removal Emergency?

water damage removal lees summit, water damage lees summit, water damage repair lees summitWhat do you think of when you hear the word “emergency”? 

Perhaps, a serious situation has occurred, a very unexpected one at that. I personally think about what needs to happen in response to the emergency. When I hear that word, I think, “Act fast!” This requires immediate action. All of these things are true (most of the time) in an emergency. This is exactly true when it comes to emergency water damage. It is a serious situation that happens unexpectedly and it requires immediate action. The nice thing is, when you are in need of emergency water removal, there are professional companies who are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So when you find yourself in that sort of situation, they can be there to help immediately. They are aware of the necessity to act fast. If that’s their job and they know what to do, what is it that you can do?

Emergency Water Removal In Lees Summit

Sometimes when an emergency like this occurs, you feel helpless sitting back and doing nothing. You want to help in some way. Well, there are some things that you can do. 

Stay Calm

First off, even though emergency water damage can be stressful, stay calm. You won’t be of much help if you are in a hysterical craze. Water damage in an emergency situation is most likely some sort of flood. This could be from a broken pipe, a heavy rainstorm, or could come from several other avenues. When you first notice the water damage, stay calm. Make a call to a professional water damage company to https://www.kadecleaning.com/contact-water-damage-experts/come help you.

Find the Source and Remove Furniture

It is very helpful if you can be aware of what the source of water is, so it can be stopped and completely fixed. If you are able to turn off the water source, do so. Safety is always first so if you notice any electrical appliances that could be dangerous stay away. If electric could be an issue, it is a good idea to turn the power sources off until the water is cleaned up. 

Furniture is the next big thing. After just 24 hours, water can damage furniture so it is beyond repair. So as soon as you can, try to move the furniture away from the water. As well, if you have any other valuables, remove them from the situation. 


Alright, this might be easier said than done.  However, there is no need for you to stress over the top. You’ve hopefully already called a professional emergency water removal team that is close to you. If you’re in Lee’s summit, Kade Cleaning Systems can help you out. They will move quickly to get the water taken care of and salvage as much as they can. As well, working with the professionals, they are not only fast but they have the proper knowledge, skills, and equipment to do it right. So the water will be properly moved and your home dried effectively. This way you don’t experience problems later on.

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