Properties Of Water – Why You Need Emergency Water Removal Now

emergency water removal lee's summit, water extraction lee's summit, water removal company lee's summitWater is a crucial aspect of our lives. Because it is so crucial and relevant, it’s important to understand some simple properties of water. Why? Because the extensive use of water inside our homes can sometimes lead to water damage. Understanding how water damage happens can help you prepare for it and handle it the right way if it happens to your home.

If you do experience water damage, contact the professionals at Kade Cleaning in Lee’s Summit for emergency water removal. Here are some properties of water and how they relate to water damage. 

Surface Tension

First is surface tension. This occurs when the particles in a liquid are attracted to the particles of the surface area; therefore, it minimizes surface area. This may not make much sense, but the two major points are:

  • Water is attracted to itself and to the surface it’s on. 
  • Water can oppose gravity.

This is important to know because this property of water explains why water can stick to ceilings and walls without letting gravity take it down – which can be very dangerous for your hom. For example, the longer the water sits on your ceiling or wall, the more damage can set it. There are some ways to help prevent or even get rid of surface tension problems. So be certain to call a professional when dealing with this. 


Secondly, we have capillary action also known as capillarity. This property explains that water can migrate through a tube or a small opening. If we apply this to water damage, it means that water can travel essentially anywhere through your home due to the molecular attraction in water. For example, if there was a rainstorm, water would be able to find its way into the tiniest opening to your home. The water would continue to travel though that opening until the area is saturated or if there is no other molecular attraction. This is a dangerous property of water since water has the capacity to travel all over to inflict water damage

Air Pressure

Lastly, we have air pressure differences. Though this may not be a property of water it affects water tremendously. Air moves down a pressure gradient since it wants the air pressure on one side to be the same as the other side. For example, if you open a door a feel a gust of air, that’s the process of creating an equilibrium (air pressure equal on both side). Though water does have molecular attraction and cohesion properties, the power of air pressure is far more powerful. Therefore, when equilibrium is trying to be reached water particles can be in the mix. This property is relevant when outside air is trying to get inside. The air brings the water; consequently, the water can turn into water damage.

Emergency Water Removal In Lee’s Summit

Experts will be able to diagnose any water damage problem and repair what has happened. For immediate emergency water removal in Lee’s Summit, rely on the experienced and certified team at Kade Cleaning.

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