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Hoarding Cleanup

Get a Clean, Safe & Healthy Home

The cleanup of hoarding situations is a very personal and complex process. When it is time to call for professional help, the health and safety of the property and its occupants are our highest concern. But we understand that the situation can be overwhelming and that we need to be sensitive to the needs of those impacted. 

We offer a free estimate and will outline the entire process step by step so everyone knows exactly what to expect. We will take the time to process and evaluate personal belongings, ensuring important or sentimental items are saved. 

Give us a call today to learn more and get started on the path back to having a safe living environment. 

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Your property is in good hands with our licensed and certified team of restoration professionals.

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Our skilled team is discreet, professional and operates without judgement. We are sensitive to your needs and will work at your pace.

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We are locally owned and operated, and will treat you and your property with respect and care. We are here for you.

Eliminate Environmental and Biological Health Hazards

A home full of clutter can create the perfect environment for a number of hazardous situations. From the physical danger of a collapse or fire to concerns about mold, rodents, insects, and other pests, the health and safety of the property’s occupants in is peril.

Our team is equipped to handle the safe removal of items as well as the cleaning and restoring of the property back to a healthy environment. Whether there is mold growth, rodent droppings, or other biohazardous situation, we can address it. We are licensed and certified and follow all local, state, and federal protocols to ensure the property is restored back to normal. 

I experienced a sump pump failure followed by water damage. Kade Cleaning brought their equipment and had it under control quickly. I wouldn't have known where to start. Highly recommend Kade Cleaning Systems!

Tom McNerney

Very professional, quick to respond. I was in a very devastating situation and they came out and helped us immediately. They were our HEROS, they came and saved the day! Made it super easy and convenient for us with our work schedule. They weren't pushy or salesy at all - they showed complete empathy and respected me. HIGHLY recommend!!!!!! They knew exactly what to do and fixed all of our issues really fast.

Sarah Taylor

Really really great people and service. Got our water in our basement sucked up quickly. To prevent mold from developing we still needed some fans and two commercial dehumidifiers. They have it all so they brought those out and really got our basement dried out within a few days. Highly recommend them. Fair, honest, did what they said they would do. No complaints here.

Steven Wiesner

3 Simple Steps to a Fully Restored Home

Call for A Free Estimate

We will evalute the property and develop a scope of work outlining the process.

We Cleanup & Restore Your Home

We will work closely with you to create a balanced approach to the cleanup.

You Enjoy a Hassle-Free Process

Rest easy knowing you have a qualified team of professionals on your side.

Expert Hoarding Cleanup Service

Kade Cleaning Systems offers a proven hoarding cleaning process. We understand that the process is difficult and emotional for everyone involved, and the success of the cleanup depends on several factors. 

By following a step-by-step process, we simplify the process and divide it into smaller, manageable pieces. We will be by your side the entire time, helping to guide you along the way. Our highest priority is your safety, and 

If you are in need of professional hoarding cleanup, give us a call today to get started. 

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