Fast Water Damage Restoration In Lees Summit

water damage restoration lees summitA flooded basement is an extremely common problem for homeowners. While employing the right prevention tactics will pervert the vast majority of basement floods, there’s still no guarantee. Thus, it’s important that you be prepared to respond to a flooded basement in the event it happens to you. Here are five simple tips for getting back on your feet from our water damage restoration pros at Kade Cleaning Systems in Lees Summit, if your basement ever floods. 

Water Damage Restoration In Lees Summit

Pump Water Slowly

If your basement floods, pump the water out slowly. Hastily pumping out a flooded basement may cause structural damage. Instead, wait until floodwaters have receded on land and pump water out of your basement one foot at a time. FEMA specifically recommends that draining the water too fast can lead to walls, floors, and even the foundation of the house collapsing. Water must be drained slowly to equalize the pressure on both sides of the wall. 

Keep Out Of Your Basement Until You Know It’s Safe

One of the absolute worst things you can do in response to a flooded basement is go into your basement regardless of the potential hazards down below. The two most serious hazards associated with basement flooding are contaminated water and electrocution. Contaminated water describes floodwater that contains dangerous pollutants ranging from dirty dishwashers to sewage or chemicals. Electrocution can occur since water and electricity obviously don’t play well together. All that being said, NEVER enter your basement after a flood until you know it is safe to do so. 

Disconnect Utilities

Utilities, specifically your electricity and gas lines, can put you in serious danger after a flood. That’s why it’s so important that you disconnect all your utilities after a flood as soon as you can safely do so. This will prevent electrocution and dangerous explosion or gas inhalation made possible by the flood. 

Remove All Moisture ASAP

Prompt removal of the floodwaters and moisture is the most important thing you can do after a flood. Waiting to do this, even just a few hours, is a serious mistake that will lead to more damage, higher expenses, and a long restoration process. Once again, calling a professional water damage restoration company right away is the best solution. Professionals can get the water out, dry out the wet spots, decontaminate if necessary and make sure the situation is fully dried out so that mold doesn’t grow. 

Call For Help

You can’t do a lot on your own to mitigate the effects of a flooded basement. At the end of the day, the best solution is to call for professional water damage restoration help. Kade Cleaning Systems in Lees Summit will be available immediately to help you repair the water damage and get back on your feet in no time.

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