Mold Removal in Kansas City: Protecting Your Belongings

mold removal kansas city, mold damage restoration kansas city, mold damage repair kansas cityAfter this unprecedented quarantine, we are all dreaming of our next vacation. Whether you love a lazy day at the beach, a leisurely stroll window shopping or an adrenaline fueled skydiving adventure, the whole world is waiting for your visit. When you do get the opportunity to pack your bags for your next trip, check out the storage space and the condition of your luggage. 

Luggage stored for any length of time in damp, warm conditions develops mold and mildew. As a member of the fungus family, mold thrives in this type of environment, building its colony on porous or organic surfaces.  If your luggage has mold stains, you can kill the mold spores and remove stains and odors with techniques and supplies safe for the inside and exterior of your suitcases and bags.

Mold in Closets, Attics and Basements

Out of sight is out of mind. Any items in your “storage areas” have the potential for mold if you don’t consistently manage any moisture problems. Check often for signs of water like stains and discoloration. If you smell mold, you can be sure there is mold. Visible mold and mildew will give you clues to the cause of the damage. Before you store: 

Think airflow- the key to creating a mold-free environment in your storage unit. Airflow is not only important for suitcases and storage bins, but also for your unit as a whole. Avoid pushing  containers directly up against a wall. Also, be sure to leave room between stacks of boxes and avoid placing them directly on top of the concrete floor. Concrete is porous and can lead to condensation. Instead, place your things up on top of items that allow airflow.

Simple Steps Save Your Bags

For prevention, add drying desiccators to your empty suitcases. Desiccators are things such as silica gel packets that help deal with any residual moisture. You can buy them online, or save the little packs that some in m=new shoe boxes. Throw a couple of packets while packing containers to absorb any moisture that might find its way in. 

If you see visible mold, don’t panic yet and discard them. Lay an old sheet outside in a sunny location. Place the open luggage on the bed sheet. Allow the sunshine to kill the mold and bleach mold stains as the luggage airs out for two to four hours.

Finish by vacuuming the dead mold spores from the luggage. Use a hose attachment to clean along the seams and other grooves and crevices. Throw out the vacuum bag afterward so mold spores aren’t transferred to other surfaces.

Get Serious About Solving The Problems

The mold on your suitcases is not the problem; the mold in your closet, attic or basement is the problem. Don’t ignore the signs. Solve any offending issues that allowed excess water into your home. Our mold removal experts will identify and neutralize the causes of mold in your home. Protecting your possessions and your health is their highest priority. 

Mold Removal In Kansas City

No matter which items are moldy or which rooms get wet, Kade Cleaning Systems is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond right away. Our mold removal experts can coordinate the repairs and restoration to your home from water damage and the resulting mold problems.

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