Mold Removal

A certified mold removal company understands the biology of mold and its growth. With mold growth, every situation is unique and requires a customized strategy that can resolve each specific circumstance. If the source of what’s causing the mold, along with the already developed spores, aren’t properly taken care of, your battle with mold will most likely never go away. In some situations mold can be very dangerous. But, not every instance of mold growth requires professional mold remediation. Our hope is that you can stop mold growth before it sends spores into unseen areas behind walls, in cracks, and into fabrics. If you see a large section of mold, or if you’re experiencing respiratory problems such as asthma or heightened allergies you’ll want to consider saving some time and call Kade Cleaning Systems now.
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Our Mold Removal Process

Kade Cleaning Systems goes through a multi-step mold removal process to ensure we get it all and prevent mold growth from continuing. Our removal process includes:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Containment
  • Air filtration
  • Removal
  • Cleaning
  • Restoration

Take Care of Your Mold Problem for Good

Our IBC and IICRC certified staff use various types of technology to thoroughly inspect your property for all signs of mold. Then we turn off all air movement systems to prevent the dispersal of spores followed by isolating the area of the building containing the mold. Air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are then used to begin filtering the air. This will prevent the mold spores from spreading while the rest of the mold remediation steps take place. Removing mold can vary greatly depending on the cause and extent of mold growth. In all cases, the mold is physically removed and treated with antimicrobials and antifungals to prevent the mold from returning. 

In some instances, mold-infested materials like wood, drywall, or carpet must also be removed. Oftentimes possessions are affected by the growth of mold, but are not totally infested. Using several advanced cleaning techniques, mold can often be removed from affected items like furniture, curtains, and home decor. Once the mold and any building materials that cannot be salvaged are removed, minor repairs can optionally be performed.

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