Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal for Riverside Area Residents

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We’re honored to be called on by our Riverside customers when disaster strikes. We’ve perfected the process of remediating damages caused by water, fire, and mold. Our Riverside professionals provide the highest quality of service and efficiency, within your time frame.

Water Damage Restoration Process in the Riverside Area

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

    The first thing we’ll do is contact your insurance company to begin the claim process on your behalf and determine the details of your claim. Water damage is not uncommon due to faulty appliances, and damages caused is usually covered by your insurance.
  2. Remove Standing Water

    We then remove all standing water from the building. Water removal is done with caution since the water may contain toxins.
  3. Remove Damaged Property

    All water damaged drywall, unsalvageable carpet, and padding, and subfloors will be removed and disposed of properly.
  4. Industrial-Grade Drying

    We extract all flood water from floors. XL LGR Dehumidifiers are used to dry your home and possessions, wall interiors and cabinets are aerated and treated with antimicrobial solution.
  5. Construction

    Structural items that damaged beyond repair may now be ready for replacement. Items for replacement can include subfloors, carpets, drywall, and paint.
  6. Process Your Water Damage Claim

    Once the reconstruction is complete with your Riverside property, we’ll process the claim with your insurance company.
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Riverside Water Damage Restoration

Mold Remediation Services Process for Riverside Buildings

  1. Mold Inspection And Assessment

    Our IBC & IICRC certified staff use various types of technology thoroughly inspecting your property for all signs of mold.

  2. Mold Containment

    All air movement systems are turned off to prevent the dispersal of spores followed by isolating the area of the building containing the mold.

  3. Air Filtration

    Air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are then used to begin filtering the air. Filtrating the air will prevent the mold spores from spreading while the rest of the mold remediation steps take place.

  4. Removal of Mold

    This step can vary greatly depending on the cause and extent of mold growth. In all cases, the mold is physically removed and treated with antimicrobials and antifungals to prevent the mold from returning. In some instances, it is required to remove mold-infested materials like wood, drywall, or carpet.

  5. Cleaning

    Often possessions are affected by the growth of mold, but not infested. Using several advanced cleaning techniques mold can often be removed from affected items like furniture, curtains, and room decor.

  6. Restoration from Mold Damage

    Once the mold, and any unsalvagable building materials, are removed from Your Riverside property, the area is ready for repair.

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