Water Damage Debris

water damage cleanup blue springs, water damage repair blue springsUnwanted water in your home has left a lot of damage in its wake.  As you begin to clean up from water damage, the source of the water will determine what can and cannot be salvaged. A broken pipe that spews clean water is much different than a backed-up sewer pipe that floods the basement with waste. 

Floods from external water like storms or sewage spills can contain microbes, viruses and harmful bacteria.  Containing and elimination any dangerous waste is the first priority of a clean-up; be prepared to throw out any spongy or absorptive possessions. Porous items that have held contaminated floodwaters for days will have absorbed toxins and will likely be trash. Here are some general “rules of thumb.” However, if in doubt–toss it out!

Upholstered Furniture

When a couch has been soaked, you have to act immediately to get it dry. Joints in the wooden frame may loosen. If water penetrates the finish, the wood will mildew. The wood also may be contaminated with sewage, pesticides, or industrial chemicals that were in the floodwaters. 

When faced with soggy upholstered furniture, your options are limited. If the water reached the upholstery, the fabric may be stained or watermarked. Worse, padding holds the water, allowing mildew to grow. Again, your biggest danger is from contamination from sewage, pesticides, or industrial chemicals that were in the floodwaters. Here it is best to discard the upholstered piece.


Bedding should be hung up in fresh air and sunshine as soon as possible. Then brush off excess soil and dirt. Pillows, while washable, should be discarded if soaked with contaminated floodwater. Put sheets through two complete washing cycles. Use diluted liquid chlorine bleach to help kill germs; slightly faded colors are better than a germy bed. Wash or dry clean comforters depending on fiber content of the bedding.  

As a general rule, inexpensive mattresses are not worth the expense of professional sanitizing and should be discarded. (In some cases, a good mattress may be worth the cost of reconditioning. Get an estimate from commercial facilities.) If the outside of the mattress is only slightly damp, brush off surface soil and wipe with a solution of one cup denatured alcohol and one cup of water. 

Electronics And Household Appliances

If your devices were flooded with impure water, chances are that the internal  delicate connections have been compromised. Even if the water was clean, rust and corrosion can begin after a short time. If the water damaged electronics are ruined, Although there are some exceptions, most common computers and monitors are manufactured with harmful levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, and other dangerous metals that can hurt the environment. 

Food Stuffs

Throw away any foods that have come in direct contact with the water, including unopened foods in glass containers and canned foods. Food in glass containers may look safe, but the lids could be compromised. Also dispose of staples stored in canisters or containers with cork-lined or waxed cardboard tops.

Water Damage Cleanup In Blue Springs

No matter what items get wet in your Blue Springs home, a quick response from Kade Cleaning Systems is your best chance against additional losses.  Qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day for your water emergencies.

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