Water Damage Repair From Start To Finish

water damage repair blue springs, water damage restoration blue springs, water damage cleanup blue springsWater damage in your home or office can leave you feeling like your life is in sudden disarray. At Kade Cleaning Systems in Blue Springs, we believe there is power in knowledge, and we would like to get you up to speed on what to expect every step of the way during the water damage repair process. 

Water Damage Repair In Blue Springs

Your water damage repair journey begins with a phone call to our 24 hour number, on the phone, we will ask you a series of brief questions to better help us serve you quickly. Things we may ask: the street address where the damages have occurred, when did the damages took place, your homeowners information if applicable, and if you know what caused the damages. After that, we will dispatch our team of professionals to your home right away. 

Once we arrive at your residence, we will begin assessing the home for any potential safety hazards, such as exposed electrical sources and architectural insecurities. Once we have determined that it is safe to proceed, we will begin removing any standing water in the flooded areas. We will do this using  buckets, commercial water pumps, and wet to dry vacuums.   

After all safety hazards and standing water have been mitigated, we will begin removing items from your home as quickly as possible to help reduce further damages to them. We will inspect each item to determine whether it can be restored or if the item must be disposed of. Keep in that we must also take into account the type of water damage that the items have been involved in. Items that have been exposed to any toxic waste in the water, such as human waste, will require more extensive restoration and may not always be salvageable. We will inventory all items that were removed from the home, including items that are salvageable and non salvageable.  

Next we will begin drying out the damaged areas and removing any materials in the home that will need replaced, oftentimes the drywall and insulation if it has been exposed to any water. It’s important to remove and replace this, as once it has gotten wet, it can quickly become a breeding ground for mold growth. Our water damage repair professionals will use commercial grade fans and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the home. 

Once your home is dried out, we will begin the water damage repair process. This will be done by repairing all the materials that were deemed salvageable and by replacing all the damaged materials in your home, such as the insulation and drywall. We will let you know of any items that will need to be replaced so that you can choose the replacement product, for example, if your carpet needs replaced, you will get to pick the new carpet. Keep in mind that most insurance companies require that any replacement products be of equal or lesser value than the original, or you may have to pay for the difference. 

Finally, once the entire water damage repair process has been completed, we can work directly with your insurance company to cover the final cost of the project. If your water damages were not covered by insurance, we will do our best to work with you as you pay for your repair services.

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