Avoiding And Recovering From Water Damage

water damage grain valley, water damage cleanup grain valley, water damage restoration grain valleyOf all the barriers and protections that you have from the weather, your roof is the most forgotten. You seldom notice it but expect it to shield you and your belongings from rain, snow and storms. However, it is a vulnerable element that can fail and allow water damage to develop in your Grain Valley home. Here are some precautions that we at Kade Cleaning Systems want you to be aware about. 

Roof Damage From High Winds?

We have some serious storms here in Grain Valley. Shingles can come flying off at around 70 mph winds; roof damage is very common. Homes with wood shake roofs can last about 30 years, while fiber cement shingles last about 25 years or asphalt shingle/composition roofs last about 20 years. The lifespan of all types of roofs will be shortened by weather extremes; the roof will degrade from wind storms. Just a few damaged or missing shingles can end up allowing a lot of water inside during strong winds.  

Damage From Ice Dams Or Condensation

Repeated freezing and thawing of rooftop snow can cause enough damage to the roof to cause a leak. To prevent ice dams, eliminate or reduce the amount of warm air that is escaping into the attic. After an ice dam, you need to repair damage to insulation, joists and sheetrock.

Midwestern homes also might experience a winter-time “leak” caused by condensation or frost buildup in the attic. This is not workmanship related or an actual roof leak. To prevent frost  condensation from developing in your attic you, again, must eliminate or reduce the amount of air leakage into the attic. Improving insulation and ventilation allows moist air to escape the roof.

Watch Out For Vent Leaks

With proper installation and care, ridge vents and attic fans should not leak. However, improper installation and age can lead to rain intrusion. For example, sometimes installers will use the wrong nails or shorter nails to secure the vents to the structure. When a shoddy or inexperienced contractor fails to overlap the pieces or doesn’t extend the sections enough, rain will eventually make its way into the attic.

Look Outside And Inside For Clues

Leaks are difficult to locate since water doesn’t necessarily drip straight down. It can travel along roof panels or lumber in the attic before dripping onto your insulation and leaving the telltale yellow water spots on your ceiling. That means the leak can be far away from where the ceiling shows damage. And a slow leak is harder to find than a big leak. Unless you have good detective skills when it comes to roof leaks, you’ll need help to help track down the cause of the problem.

Other Causes Of Ceiling Stains

Water spots on the ceiling don’t automatically mean the roof is leaking. Often the stain is not from a roof failure but from drips in the attic from condensation on pipes. Trust the water damage restoration professionals at Kade Cleaning Systems in Grain Valley to properly identify the problem and offer efficient solutions. 

For Top Notch Water Damage Restoration In Grain Valley 

No matter why you have water entering your house, you need a team to find the intrusion, solve the problem and begin immediate clean up. Our team is available to respond right away. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Kade Cleaning Systems can coordinate the repairs and restoration to you home from roof and ceiling problems. They can also respond to water emergencies like flooded basements and burst pipes. Count on us to care for and protect your home. 

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