Water Damage Restoration And Its Varying Degrees

water damage restoration lees summit, water damage lees summit, water damage repair lees summitWater damage is always a frustrating or stressful situation to face. It can occur in most any place, at any time, and with varying degrees. There are different types of water damage that you may face. Starting with the least harmful and moving upwards to the most harmful. These varying degrees of water damage may affect how the water damage restoration is done. 

Water Damage Restoration In Lees Summit

Types of Water Damage

There are three major categories or degrees of water damage: 1st, clean water damage; 2nd, grey water damage; 3rd, black water damage. It’s a good idea to be aware of what each of these categories consist of so you know what you are up against and the side effects of each. 

Clean Water Damage

Clean water or Category 1 water damage is the least severe of all types of water damage. It is caused by clean water that runs through your house. For example, this may be caused by a broken pipe or overflows of your sinks or bathtubs. This does not include toilet water. To clarify, clean water is any water that is free of any toxins or sewage. Clean water can be quickly taken care of and dried. When done in a timely manner and correctly, the owner will most likely not face issues later on due to the damage done. All water damage has the potential to get worse overtime, so even though clean water damage isn’t necessarily a great danger, it could slowly become a category 2 water damage situation overtime. Water that is left to sit overtime could attract toxins or pathogens that are harmful to humans.

Grey Water Damage

Grey water or Category 2 water damage is slightly more severe than category 1. It is caused by water that does contain toxins in it that may cause people exposed to it to be sick. This may include toilet overflows (if free of sewage) or a washing machine overflow due to the water containing detergent. Though the water may or may not cause a person to be sick, during the water damage restoration all affected materials should be removed and properly disinfected to avoid any harm. Like Category 1 water damage can get worse, category 2 water damage can slowly get worse as well. If not taken care of quickly, category 2 water damage could turn into category three, black water damage.

Black Water Damage

Black water or category 3 water damage is the most severe of any of the categories due to the type of water that causes it. Examples of black water include any type of sewage or flooding from rivers, streams, ground water, or the ocean. Any of these would contain harmful bacteria or pathogens. Black water damage requires fast action in order to prevent harm from coming to those in the area. If you are facing black water damage, stay away from it and block off the area so others stay clear of it as well. Be sure to call the professionals to come in to help with the water damage restoration.

No matter what type of water damage you are facing, acting fast is the best way to ensure it is taken care of in the best manner. Call a professional water damage restoration team to help you out. If you are in Lee’s Summit, Kade Cleaning Systems could help you.

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