What Happens During Emergency Water Damage Restoration?

Emergency Water Damage Restoration Lees SummitIf your home suffers water damage after a Midwestern storm or a random broken pipe, you need an immediate response. Not only do you need to keep your family safe, every hour with standing water could cause exponential damage to your home. So take a family “roll call”,  secure your pets, and grab your phone to dispatch help right away. 

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Lees Summit

Contact Emergency Support

The first step is to contact emergency support from a Lees Summit water mitigation company such as Kade Cleaning Systems. Their call center team is staffed 24/7; the technicians and equipment are on call now. These highly-qualified team members arrive to inspect and categorize the damage. This designation is required by your insurance company to begin the claims process.  

You may or may not need a plumber to conduct repairs- Kade Cleaning Systems will also coordinate that aspect. The water mitigation process begins almost immediately. The crew will both stop the water source and ensure that any undamaged possessions are protected.

Water Extraction

Next the water must be removed quickly and completely. Thoroughly drying building materials and cavities is needed to prevent the deterioration of structural components and the formation of microbial growth. You’ll need more than a mop. Many different and specialized pieces of equipment might be used. Combined with years of experience, the tools and the techs will ensure no water hidden moisture left in carpets, furniture, walls, and ceilings. 

Drying out the area quickly avoids more damage, mold and mess. Air movers blow air throughout the area. Air scrubbers clean the air by eliminating odors and particles that cause them (like the smell from mold.) 

A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, but not from surfaces. Commercial dehumidifiers are much more efficient than home units; they remove up to 10 times more moisture.  

The term “structural drying” identifies and removes all hidden moisture to protect the physical  building itself. Now, the team measures and monitors humidity to quantify the results. 

Cleanup and Repair

Rather than replacing every single water damaged item, the goal of a restoration is to repair and reuse all the salvageable elements of your home.  At this stage, the Kade team repairs what they can’t salvage, and makes these transitions look seamless. For example, they will fix secondary water damage such as warped floors and walls.

Restoration and Remodeling

At this stage, the general contractor/ restoration team will handle any final repairs to the building, major and minor. Refinishing cabinets, replacing damaged sheetrock, restoring floors, matching existing hardware– these little details would be overwhelming without a competent contractor. Other Lee’s Summit families can agree- having Kade Cleaning during this stage gives you confidence in the process and final result. 

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Lees Summit

When you discover water damage, Kade Cleaning Systems responds 24 hours a day to dispatch a residential crew. Contact us today. Or for a no obligation estimate, visit our website. Count on Kade to care and protect your home. 

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