Where To Watch For Water Damage

water damage cleanup blue springsWater damage is an inevitable problem that every homeowner will have to tackle at least once in their life. After experiencing a pipe bursting or a flooded basement, it would be obvious to keep an eye out for signs of water damage. However, water damage can be more subtle and go unnoticed for long periods. Because there are places that homeowners don’t visit often or are completely inaccessible, water damage can grow out of control unchecked. Areas that have extensive damage will require professional water damage cleanup. 

Water Damage Cleanup – Blue Springs

Unseen water damage can sometimes be worse than the more obvious damage. When it goes unnoticed or neglected for extended periods, a host of issues will surely be close behind. Mold growth is one of the biggest problems that accompany water damage and causes both structural and health problems. That will need to be avoided, so knowing where to look for problems is essential. 

The inside of our homes is the first place to start looking for potential water damage. Water isn’t meant to be in most places in our homes, so when it is out of place, that is where the issues begin. With it being hidden, it can often be forgotten, so where does one look?


With drywall being extremely absorbent, it will take on the lasting effects of water damage. The paper backing of drywall will become saturated and swell when the drywall gets wet in any way. 

The panel becomes spongy to the touch, losing its structural integrity. It will also begin to smell of mold. When drywall gets this wrong, wet areas will need to be cut out and replaced. If it is bad enough, the entire wall will have to be replaced. In the rare case that the drywall is salvageable, it will take at least three days to dry completely. 

Around The Windows

Windows are supposed to protect us from the elements outside, but water damage can quickly occur when the windows are improperly installed or sealed. Rain will be able to make it through these cracks in the frames and run into the walls. Window cooling units can also encourage collected water to pool underneath. Peeling or cracking paint lets water seep into sills, damaging the wood. Spongy wood is a sign that the windows are improperly sealed or A/C units are leaking. 

Behind And Beneath Appliances And Fixtures

We use many devices in the modern day that run water within them. Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are notorious for water damage. The water damage they cause is in places we don’t see daily, so it is often missed. Typically, a line will break behind it, causing a leak that may go unnoticed for long periods. 

In addition, sinks, tubs, and toilets are also extremely common causes of water damage. The pipes that carry water to and from these fixtures will often leak. On top of that, poor sealing maintenance can also cause water to leak into areas it shouldn’t be. Watching for spongy areas and musty smells can help notice when problems occur. 

Water damage can occur at any time when we least expect it. Because of that, it’s really important to keep an eye out for any potential leaks and out-of-place water. However, no matter how you prepare, sometimes accidents happen. Professionals at Kade Cleaning Systems are readily available to help you with water damage cleanup. The experts will be able to rid your home of any water damage and bring it back to its original state.

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