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Kansas City Water Damage Restoration Is One Of Our Primary Services

24/7 Quick Response

Get the quick response you need any time; day or night. We’ll come to your location and immediately begin the process of removing your standing water, extracting it from your floors and drying your possessions. We work with insurance companies every day to process claims. All you have to do is call KADE, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

  • Contact Insurance Company

    The first thing we'll do is contact your insurance company to begin the claim process on your behalf and determine the details of your claim.

  • Remove Standing Water

    We then remove all standing water from the building. This should be done with caution since the water may contain toxins.

  • Remove Damaged Property

    All damaged drywall, unsalvageable carpet and padding, and subfloors will be removed and disposed of properly.

  • Industrial-Grade Drying

    All water is extracted from floors, XL LGR Dehumidifiers are used to dry your home and possessions, wall interiors and cabinets are aerated and treated with antimicrobial solution.

  • Construction

    Structural items that were damaged beyond repair may now be replaced. This can include subfloors, carpets, drywall, and paint.

  • Process Your Claim

    When the reconstruction is finished we'll process the claim with your insurance company.

Certified Professional Water Damage Restoration Experts

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