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Get the quick response you need any time; day or night from Kade Cleaning Systems.  We are here to take care of all your water damage restoration needs. We’ll come to your location and immediately begin the process of removing your standing water, extracting it from your floors and drying your possessions.  We work with insurance companies every day to process claims. All you have to do is call KADE, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Flooding can be stressful and can cause major damage to your home

When flooding occurs, if the damage isn’t controlled and your home or business isn’t restored quickly, the damage will likely be more extensive.  Flooding can ruin your furnishings, your prized possessions and can damage the structure of your home or business.  This can can also result in very expensive repairs and replacement of property.

KADE Cleaning is a professional water damage restoration company that can help you minimize the ravaging damage and make any repairs  necessary to get your home restored to its previous condition.  After we perform the water clean up, we will start the restoration process immediately.   Although we cant predict a water disaster or flood, we can prepare and be on the look out if it ever occurs.  Identifying the different sources of water can help you be prepared.

Water damage restoration


Reasons for Flooding in Your Home

There are many reasons why a flood can happen in your home, and usually, it happens quickly and is unplanned. There are signs that flooding is possible such as leaking appliances, walls with water spots and broken bathroom fixtures. Clogged gutters, drain pipes and downspouts or a failing septic tank can also be a sure sign of trouble ahead.

Inclement weather can be a major cause of water damage. Storms and persistent rain can flood your basement and/or your attic space, as well as cause serious foundation problems.

Let’s face it, almost any room in your home can flood, but some rooms are more prone to flooding than others. Determine which rooms in your home are possible flood traps.

Bathrooms Are a Prime Spot for Water Damage

No surprise, the bathroom is a prime spot in your home for potential water damage, due to the water sources throughout. Add to it all the pipes that lead in and out of a bathroom and it can be the recipe for disaster.

If you have blocked pipes or a leaky bathtub, sink or toilet, flooding is a real possibility.  Oftentimes, a flood is caused by simple forgetfulness. It isn’t intentional, but nonetheless, can be a serious mishap.

Basement Flooding – Check water sources for flooding hazards

Think gravity. Basements are down low and, therefore, are one of the most susceptible locations for flooding. Heavy storms and long periods of rain are your clues to keep an eye out for problems in a basement. And if you live near a large body of water, pay particular attention. Basements are also the typical location for sump pumps, sewer lines and other drainage – water sources that can sometimes malfunction.

Is your washing machine in the basement? Is there another sink or wash basin nearby? These are other types of flooding hazards, so beware.

Foundation cracks, suspect ceilings, drafty windows, and walls can invite water seepage, and KADE can help you with these problem areas and any damage that might arise.  Water damage restoration is our area of expertise and our emergency line is available 24 hours per day if you need to contact us for help.

Roofing – Things to look for to minimize water damage

A damaged roof or a roof in need of repairs is a sure sign of potential problems.  Inspecting your roof flashing is critical. Flashing exists for the sole purpose of reducing the amount of water seepage and is necessary around the chimney, vents and even skylights. If the flashing is incorrectly installed, water can seep through gaps between shingles, making it possible for damaging leaks.  Even a tiny leak in the roof can turn into a giant problem. Look for broken shingles or hail damage, as they can be a sign of trouble in the future.

Appliances – Be on the look out for damaged or word water lines.

The appliances in your home use water, and as a result, are connected to the plumbing throughout your home. Washing machines, water heaters, disposals, and dishwashers can be potential problems.  It  is recommended to perform monthly checks on any appliances that are hooked up to water lines to make sure that there are no signs of damage or wear that can be the culprit of a disaster.  It is crucial that there are no leaks in the water connections to your appliances. Should any of these appliances fall into disrepair, get an inspection and fix the problems before serious damage occurs.

Your home’s air conditioner is another source that can create water damage issues because of condensation. Make sure the AC lines aren’t clogged. If they are, have an HVAC professional repair or replace them.

Water issues with Pipes

Remember, even though you can’t see them, pipes are running all through the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home – even outside of your home. If pipes are plugged, drains won’t drain. Inspect for clogs and leaks, and keep them functioning properly. A plumber can inspect and repair any damaged pipes.

Water Damage Clean up

Don’t worry, Kade Cleaning Systems has you covered.  If you have a good deal of standing water due to a leaking appliance or faulty pipe, it’s time to call the KADE professionals.

Getting Back to Normal

The flood is over, everything is a complete mess, and the thought of getting things cleaned up is almost too much to fathom. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time to spare. The clock is ticking. First thing’s first: Call KADE.

You’re looking for a speedy restoration of your home. The KADE team of water damage restoration experts are highly skilled and quick to respond to your emergency. We are dedicated to getting your world back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

  • Contact Insurance Company

    The first thing we'll do is contact your insurance company to begin the claim process on your behalf and determine the details of your claim.

  • Remove Standing Water

    We then remove all standing water from the building. This should be done with caution since the water may contain toxins.

  • Remove Damaged Property

    All damaged drywall, unsalvageable carpet and padding, and subfloors will be removed and disposed of properly.

  • Industrial-Grade Drying

    All water is extracted from floors, XL LGR Dehumidifiers are used to dry your home and possessions, wall interiors and cabinets are aerated and treated with antimicrobial solution.

  • Construction

    Structural items that were damaged beyond repair may now be replaced. This can include subfloors, carpets, drywall, and paint.

  • Process Your Claim

    When the reconstruction is finished we'll process the claim with your insurance company.

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